The Author

 My name is Omega
Etymology: End, Last, Final, Last Letter of the Greek Alphabet; youngest child; name is taken from a line of wristwatches; in the Philippines she is often teased and associated with Omega Pain Killer and Efficasent Oil, products of IPI Int’l; when she was young she is associated with Omega Red of X-Men; she is referred to as Meggy, Meg, Megs by her colleagues at work and from school.

I am a wife, a mom, a crafter and a writer wannabe. I dreamed to chronicle my milestones, my emotions, my aspirations and be able to look back at them and learn and reflect and be blest. I usually jot down my thoughts in my “to blog list” but eventually forgets about it for a year or two. I strive to be organized but I easily get bored. It is very easy to disturb me and get my attention, but it is difficult to get my focus.

When I’m in the mood, I write. But when I am asked to write, I don't. This blog is a testimony that I cannot actually write.

But this blog allows me to be a story teller to my family and to people who mattered.