Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sewing Project: Pillow Case

I know. This is just another pillowcase project. But it has clean seam. French seam. And i am proud of it. Holler to me!!! :p

First i cut 1 pc of 11 x 41 inches strip, and 1 pc of 26 x 41 inches cloth. In this case obviously, the blue strip in the photo is the 11 x 41. I placed the blue strip right side up, and the printed strip right side down together, rolled the printed strip upwards until the blue strip's bottom end shows. I clipped the blue strip's bottom end to the blue and the printed strip together and sew them all together. Be very careful in sewing them together and maintain the 1/4 inch distance from the cut-off part to avoid ripping later on. If possible, zigzag the the edges to be sure. And this is how it looked like: