Friday, 4 October 2013

Who's Turning 2?

Hi Fiya,

Today you are officially two years old. I am so glad beyond words. I always thank God for your life, you are a great blessing that has changed our lives. 

At 2, you already know how to count from 1 to 10 but with difficulty to pronounce "seven". You can sing itsy bitsy spider and skiddamarink with full actions. You say "amen" and clip your palms together after our every prayer. You call me Mimi and only when you are sad and wants to be comforted by my hug. You previous call your daddy "eboy" but recently you seemed shy to say it.  You love to look at yourself at the mirror. You love being at school and likes to play at the slide and the mini gym. You say "sowwwryyyy" when someone stops you from doing something that might hurt you such as climbing up to the dining table. You say "kheykyu" (thank you) when someone give you anything or when you give something to anyone. You say wow almost all the time. You did not recite the alphabet yet, but i have good reasons to believe already know it because when i recited "abcde" repeatedly you just smiled and when i was no longer looking at you, you shouted "fghijkl" which was continuation of what i just recited. You seemed to be a shy girl, un-showy, and doesn't very much enjoy the crowd. I am also amazed at your great sense of balance and caution. At your very young age you can stand at the edge of some furnitures confidently and without falling. 

You do not like Dora shows. You are afraid of Dora's map and you always cry like someone tried to attack you. But you like Mother Goose Club very much. You also love music videos of Ariana Grande, Selena, Cimorelli (What makes you beautiful), Glee. But i select the songs and made sure they are happy songs. When you sleep, the song "Journey" of Lea Salonga keeps playing over and over until you wake up. You have memorized the song Journey at your age. 

I love you anak. I am so proud of you. Continue to grow in the Lord. We will always be here for you.

Love always,
Mom and Dad.

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