Saturday, 5 October 2013

Missing you Chels

This is by my most favorite photo of us together. This is our first day in School at Bridge International School and the very day we learned to say "Sain bain uu!". 

Well, actually i do not have a second favorite photo. It is funny but we always end up realizing we do not have photos together because as you always put it, we always have so much things to talk about rather than letting our camera out from our bags. I would have to agree. When we were in Gobi dessert, we only had 2 photos together - and we were there for 2 weeks!!! 

It is true we had more beautiful things to talk about rather than taking pictures of each other. But now, i wished i made time for photo ops. 

I miss you. Some days are ok, some days are pretty bad. But i do not cry. Like you always told me, no crying, look at better reasons to smile about losing you such as the friendship as pure as ours. But i must admit that when in solitude i am reminded of our daily stories, of our daily dose of laughter, of good things - and it is weird because it always gives a heavy space in my chest. 

I have tried to say this many times, but today, for the record, i would say that i am letting you go to enjoy wherever you are but you will always be in my heart forever. My daughter Fiya will always remind me of you. She has turned 2 years old already, so it must be 2 years since you've been gone. 

I love you. You have been a huge blessing to me, in many ways. I treasure our friendship and i will tell my daughter about you. I am sure we have gained an angel in you.


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