Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Running Family

Really praying for the three of us to be able to run together. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

DIY: Royal Blue Neck-piece

One day, i had a fashion emergency. I need to attend a wedding and i could not decide which dress to buy. That is the crisis you get when art and commerce does not meet at some point. I always go  for functional dress, something i could wear daily to office which could also stand out during special occassions. When i could not see those qualities in an expensive (read: PhP 500-1,500) dress, i don't buy it. There will always be a fancy dress at ukay-ukay which i could wear only once. And voila, i got me a white dress for the wedding for PhP100! 

It is a very nice flowy dress and hides my belly-fat (errmmm) pretty well. So in order for me not to be mistaken as the bride, i need to accessorize myself. That was my fashion emergency alert. I only got one day before the event so i dashed to the store and look for a royal blue earrings but i went home disappointed. Then i discovered the glass marbles and a royal blue cloth could make a pretty neckpiece perfect for the event.

I cut a 2-inch strip, sew it, put the marbles in one by one, tie it and placed another one and repeat. I got my desired neckpiece length and i tied it with a nice gross-grain / lacy blue ribbon at the back. I looks expensive. I loved the result. 

Believe it or not, this outfit only costs me roughly 120 pesos. I wore it with a nice silver strappy wedge from Payless. 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sewing Project: Dollman Dress

There goes my first dress. It is a dollman dress, primarily because i suck at making sleeves. Need more practice. 

I traced my favorite dollman dress and voila, i have a pattern. I sew the pieces together, iron them, sew them, iron them, sew them and thats it. I wore that dress to office the following day. :-) 

I think i will make another one. Feeling inspired.

Sewing Project: Toddler Bib

My sewing machine failed me. But thanks to a kind hearted friend who let me borrow her machine. But sadly, it is an almost vintage machine, one of the earliest attempts of brother sewing machine produce an electric powered machine with simpler function. It is a sturdy machine with 14 stitch functions, and no foot control! It is hand controlled, how confusing at first. :-) Let me show you a photo: 
Another is surprise is that, everything is written in Japanese! Very handy, yeah? Haha. So i had to figure out everything. First, guess, next is guess again! So far so good.

With all those trials and errors, i was able to complete all 8 pieces bib. Yey! 
See that? Hehe. Im so proud. But let me tell you it is not very difficult to make a bib. First i looked for cotton fabrics at the store that would make a pretty bib. I was lucky that the fabric store is on sale. PhP 37 per meter was not bad. I just traced the pattern using my daughter's bib. 

Bibs are the most common needs if you have a toddler. And since my daughter is in school now at 1 year and 10 months, making her a decent bib is on top of my project list. Bibs also doubles as burp cloths in case you forgot to bring one. 

I can make as many bibs, as it also make great gifts to other babies and expectant mom. I can make hearts happy. :-) 

By the way, i do not use tailor's chalk/marker. I use my dependable sharpie. Haha. So the explains the markings from tracing the pattern. 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Blogging from Phone

As you can see i have updated my blog 3 times in less than 24 hours. I love it now because i can blog from my phone. Thank you to this blogger app i can readily post my DIY projects before the photos get buried in my phone haha. Plus i can update my blog even without my reliable desktop! How handy!

Repurposing: A nice blouse from the bargain

It has been my habit to mine at mountains of bargain RTW in the malls hoping to find extra large dress or a poloshirt with nice buttons that i could repurpose. Sometimes i get lucky. Well, i usually get lucky. Like this one. 

This is a nice purple flowy blouse (sorry no idea of the kind of fabric, need to study more haha) at the price of 9 pesos or quarter of a dollar (USD $). Nobody would want ti get a blouse as nice as this because of its dated design. Pocahontas has moved on. Nothing like this anymore. So i bought 2 pcs of extra large size and when i got home i started sewing. I knew exactly what i would make if these loots. 

I tried to make a shirt-dress for my daughter with matching miniskirt. I think she likes it so i let her have it again for someone's party. 

I cut the blouse and imagined my daughter. Brave enough not to make pattern! But the result is good. 

Just be brave! :-)

School Girl

How time flies. My daughter is now in school. :-) We basically wanted her to socialize more so we enrolled her to a nearby toddler school and we are happy with the results. Since we don't have relatives nearby, it very very seldom that we receive visitors at home. Our daughter is not so used to having strangers at home and she is usually upset when we have one. Her going to school really helped a lot. 

She shown lots of improvement also in her language development and she sings a lot! How Filipino! :-) 

Anyway, this is her now: