Saturday, 19 January 2013

DIY SLR Camera Organizer for Ladies' Purse

So! Finally i got the time to post this one. And I am no less than proud of what I have done. Ha! But before anything, I'd like to confess that this is one of the products from my lurking to tutorial sites and lately, PINTEREST (yes, i am now a proud member). So here it is:

What i did was measure the bottom of my purse, the sides and some dividers and done, sew them together with a half-inch foam inside. Voila, i got an SLR camera pouch insde my purse. I know there are lots of camera bags nowadays but I could not "stomach" those very expensive bags --- and of course i could not afford. This is very handy because i could just remove it from my pouch when i dont have to bring the camera along AND the great plus is that this pouch doubles as my baby bag organizer too. I can separate the nappies and baby bottles and my wallet. Just great, right?
This my bag. It's an old bag from Girbaud. 
But this is a spacious bag. The straps are strong I could even put 5 kilos of rice in this one without breaking apart. So hurray to Girbaud.
There! See that?
Spacious, right?
So, okay, I'm not really a photographer. But i have a wonderful daughter who likes to pose for the camera. And i would like her to have a good time and let her have all the photos for later.

Will post my other DIYs soon! Fingers crossed, i will have the time like today. =)

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