Tuesday, 22 January 2013

DIY Keyring Hangers

I've made a little something for our keys. The thing is, our gate has a dead bolt. Yeah, right. You need to use the key coming and going and it's crazy when you can't find the keys! So i thought of making this key hanger. I always try to make at least one project for every weekend. I got a lucky week one time when i thought about this.

First you have to get a piece of wood, some screws, glue and scrapbook sheet. Wrap it up, put some glue, screw-in and hang it pretty. Just like that.

There. But if you can get a piece of wood that is already shiny, much better. And of course you can use other sheets than scrapbooking sheets.

Ok I must admit, i made 2 key hangers. Haha. I find them pretty, thank you. :D

You can do what you like or choose better designs. Whatever makes your eyes dance! 

Re-purposing Long-sleeved Shirts into Cutesy Blouse

One day, while arranging my daughter's locker, i found so many long-sleeved shirt that haven't even worn yet. You can imagine her wrestling with me if I let her have these shirts on a 35 degrees room temperature. No way. So I thought of cutting the sleeves. I know! It's supposed to be cute with sleeves, but she just can't live with it. So there, another re-purposing project one weekend.

There. Isn't it cute?

Here is another one.

What you'll need is a pair of scissors and you're done. But good for shirts like these because i did not have to sew them back together.

So, here is the finished product!

She now adores this shirt!

And this one is perfect.

You can imagine me sewing all these. Yeah, i cut them all. Hehe. 

See that big smile? 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

DIY SLR Camera Organizer for Ladies' Purse

So! Finally i got the time to post this one. And I am no less than proud of what I have done. Ha! But before anything, I'd like to confess that this is one of the products from my lurking to tutorial sites and lately, PINTEREST (yes, i am now a proud member). So here it is:

What i did was measure the bottom of my purse, the sides and some dividers and done, sew them together with a half-inch foam inside. Voila, i got an SLR camera pouch insde my purse. I know there are lots of camera bags nowadays but I could not "stomach" those very expensive bags --- and of course i could not afford. This is very handy because i could just remove it from my pouch when i dont have to bring the camera along AND the great plus is that this pouch doubles as my baby bag organizer too. I can separate the nappies and baby bottles and my wallet. Just great, right?
This my bag. It's an old bag from Girbaud. 
But this is a spacious bag. The straps are strong I could even put 5 kilos of rice in this one without breaking apart. So hurray to Girbaud.
There! See that?
Spacious, right?
So, okay, I'm not really a photographer. But i have a wonderful daughter who likes to pose for the camera. And i would like her to have a good time and let her have all the photos for later.

Will post my other DIYs soon! Fingers crossed, i will have the time like today. =)