Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thank you Lord for Othello Cobal

How easily we grow accustomed to our surroundings and dulled to things that are familiar—even places and experiences that once brought great delight. Although God’s glory is clearly displayed all around us, sometimes the busyness of everyday life blocks our view. We take for granted His amazing work in our lives. We lose the wonder of the cross. We forget the privilege of being His child. We neglect the pleasure of His presence and miss the beauty of His creation.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for letting me know a person as kind as Sir Othello Cobal. I am not going to take for granted this kind of priviledge you have given me. He tells me amazing stories and let me in his creative mind. He never makes me feel he is bragging. I don't think he will ever be. He has been very kind and a great help to many. I'm sure you know that. You even counted the strands of his hair. Now that you are together, tell him I said hi. xxx

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