Thursday, 9 August 2012

Luneta Park, Lungsod ng Maynila

Every time we travel, we make sure that we have a historical trip on the side. My beloved husband is a self-proclaimed historian (ahem). :D I try to pretend like i'm a historian too. Hehe. Quite honestly, I like it because we get to discuss and I learn in the process. I find it important to blog this because our daughter will soon read this and I hope she will have a husband who also values history and value more importantly his learning from all of them. It is always handy to relate a story using photos. So here they are:

Luneta Park. During Rizal Park LED Lighting Ceremony. Before the Independence Day 2012.

Go Ateneo. LOL.


Rizal's Execution Site

Fighting Vehicle. Independence Day Exhibit.

Commando V 150 S
4-speed forward and 1 reverse
Combat weight: 9 tons
Passengers: 9

105/14 Pack Howitzer



Amphibian of the Few and the Proud.

Excuse me sir, pa picture ta. :D

With the snipers.

Ay heavy pala. Abi kog joke lang.

Tira Pataka!

Kalayaan 2012 at Luneta Park

Coast Guard.

Let's go to Scarborough Shoal! :D

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