Sunday, 29 July 2012

Zoobic Safari

It was an opportunity to be at Subic and I felt that I'd be sorry not to be able to experience Zoobic Safari. I've seen it on TV in Goin' Bulilit and I thought I'd like to be there too. So when we were in Subic, we did not miss it. Another worth to experience is also the Ocean Adventure which we were not able to insert in our schedule. We could not extend our stay since we had to be in Manila for a dinner invitation of Glenn and a get-together with former Volunteers to Mongolia. So here are our photos

By the way, when going to Zoobic Safari, you have to be at the camp by 10AM. If you are staying in Olongapo, you have to cross the footbridge to Subic near SM and proceed to the 2nd mini stop across the street (yes there are 2 mini stop convenient stores in that area). Get a taxi to Zoobic camp - usually they charge about 400 but if you can bargain for 300, much better. But remember to get a taxi to fetch as there are no available taxis at the camp. Usually, you can get a bargain for 800 and the taxi will wait up for you. The travel is 20 minutes from Subic Freeport. It is good to drop by at Puregold or Royal DutyFree on your way back to Subic. Try to visit the Nike and Adidas outlet store near the gas station in front of Puregold.

The butt. Your ancestors daw said Charles Darwin.

Probably the last to perish from the earth -- the rodent.

Reindeer. Rudolf.

Hi Rudolf!

Dear Dear

Bear Cat. Don't worry they won't bite you. They are vegetarian.

Bearcat and the Bearkitty.

Peacock. Male Peacocks are colorful.


At the petting zoo children can go inside and feed the animals.

Little Pony.

At the theatre.

Waiting for our zoo-tram

Tickets are ready!

At the tram station.

Hi! gutom na! :D

Here is our tram!

Lez go!

Zebra tram behind.

Where to?!

Dear Dear!

Animal Care Clinic.

Inside the jeep. Waiting to go inside the tiger compound.



You are soo big tiggger!

Chomp chomp!

Don't eat me Tig!

Whoa! too close for comfort!!!

Scared ako. Booo.

Outside Tiger Safari compound.

Close encounter with tigers and lions in their cage. Be careful because when the tigers are stressed by many guests (esp if you are using flash), they will pee on you.

Bunker. Used to shelter bombs during the US occupation of the entire Subic. The safari area used to be the US Naval Mag.

Bomb shelter, from afar.


Aeta's Trail.

Waiting for Aeta's presentation.

Monkey Dance.

They can climb up the tree so easily.

Trying Aeta's Trail.

Croco Loco


Tired but happy feet

Thank you sun!

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