Thursday, 27 October 2011

Birth Announcement

Hi Everyone! I have not been able to post anything (errm do i need to stress the obvious?). I wasn't good at blogging while being pregnant. At the 3rd trimester part, was even difficult. I was waddling the whole time! And for all those difficulties plus blogging, breathing was my priority. So there, i think i have made up a better excuse.

I am introducing our first born -- our little girl whom we fondly call Fiya.

She was due on October 10, 2011 (40th week) but she came a week earlier. At exactly 39th week she came out via C-Section, 7lbs. Her voice was the only sound to hear inside the Operating Room. When she came out, she cried very loud and I heard the anaesthesiologist saying, "hmm its a girl" - which was almost a whisper. Like everyone already knew she is a girl. =) At that instant, I immediately fell in love with her.

Her name. Almost 11 years ago, we already decided that our daughter will be named Sofiya Methuselah. Her Dad graduated from AB Philosophy and has always loved philosophy. We tweaked Sophia a little bit and came up with Sofiya. I call her Fiya,Sophie, Sofi plus all the other endearment in the world. Methuselah came from a biblical name whom i really like since. Sofiya means "wisdom" and Methuselah lived the longest and i'd like it to mean "long life".

We love you Fiya. We hope you will grow in the Lord and live your name. Thank you Lord for such wonderful gift.