Friday, 11 March 2011

Pregnancy: 9 weeks

What to Expect When You're Expecting: 4th EditionIt’s been a while. After Cebu, I was busy with being pregnant haha! Thank you Lord for such great blessing =) Super thankful. I am looking for this book on Pregnancy (with journal) and so far, I am failing. =) Let me know where I can find one.

Some pregnancy bits I'd like to share:

Morning sickness. Well, I am not really a morning person. Right now I am experiencing a nauseous feeling every afternoon like 4pm onwards until I hit the sheets. Weird, but even afternoon sickness is actually called “morning sickness”.

Coffee: I so miss coffee. I feel like crying every time I smell the aroma from the coffeemaker. Even 3in1 coffee makes me feel crazy.

Huge Pre-Natal Vitamins. Whoa, almost the size of almond seed. I need a lot of concentration in order to take all of them.

Skyflakes and crackers. I suddenly find this long forsaken food as super important. Mood-saver!

Milk. I don’t really hate milk but this overdose of milk is just absurd.

Love is all around me. This is the best thing I receive the whole time. Love from husband is really overwhelming (in a very very wonderful kind of way). Thank you Babe! You make me feel super =)