Friday, 25 February 2011

Unknown - Liam Neeson (2011)

I have been waiting for this movie for the longest time and its not even shown yet in the local cinemas. I am just a little bit disappointed.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Travelling Cebu: Travel Tricks and Tips

Okay okay, here we go. I have promised to post some travel tips for travelling to Cebu, Philippines. Before I drafted our itinerary, I consulted friends and online forums. I decided that there has to be some water splash, some uphill and some historical spots which we will need to include in the schedule.

Airfare. Before anything, you have to get a low low airfare, so first tip, book ahead and book when there are seat sales. Cebu Pacific Airlines have seat sales every now and then and you will work on your itinerary, factor in the budget in the travel details and start saving.

Historical Value. Months before our travel, I also checked the historical sites that are (tentatively) part of the itinerary. Write down travel details going there, means of transportation, cost, entrance fees, contact numbers. Sometimes, museums have schedules – sometimes they open from Monday to Saturday, there are also those that are not open on Mondays and Fridays or closed on weekends - some are not open 8 hours a day. That should be checked so you can make an effective itinerary, you can adjust the time and day for the best hour to visit. Another thing: bring a notebook and a pen. You have to write down what you see in there and since you cannot take pictures, you can share what you have seen in museums.

Resorts. Well, I love and always look forward to water spa. We chose Imperial Palace because it is new and it has lots of water adventures, plus the lunch is sumptuous. But! Careful because on weekends, they charge plus 30%. I love weekends because there are lots of people around. But yeah, you have to pay the price. Try other hotels too, such as Plantation Bay Resort, Shangrila Mactan, Microtel Mactan and there are also cheaper resorts such as Tambuli Resort, Cebu Beach Club – they charge less than 1,000 for a day tour, with buffet lunch.

Food. Well, there are lots of good food in cebu with Casa Verde being my favorite. Casa Verde has a branch in Ayala but I prefer their main branch near Fuente Circle (near Velez Hospital) because of the ambience. Although, getting there is a bit tricky.

Sky adventure. We did not push our luck to try the Sky Adventour at Crowne Regency. I chickened-out (unsurprisingly). They say it is really nice to try it at night. They 888 package, and that includes a buffet. The said hotel is just located at Fuente Circle too, along Jones Street I think. Next tip: when it is your turn, be sure not to chicken-out! Just pig-out! :D

Pasalubong. Best for pasalubongs are Otap (shamrock, conching, Titay’s), rosquillos, and my favorite Masareal. You can find them anywhere – SM, Ayala Mall but Shamrock has a branch at Fuente Circle too.

Happy Travelling!