Monday, 31 January 2011

Travelling Cebu

Wohoo! We had a great trip to Cebu. Ours was a post “sinulog” trip and the sun was unbelievably energetic! The previous week (sinulog week), it was a rainy week and tourists did not enjoy the festival very much. Not on that weekend we were in Cebu. Yey, happy!

First let me share our itinerary. We almost had a 100% completion if not of my utter cowardice to try the sky adventure at Crowne Regency Hotel (see link). But no regrets! Hehe. Also we did not go to Top Hills in Lahug, I do not find it nice – we will just have beer and food and I don’t think that is cool.

On the first day  (Jan 21), we checked in to this cheap pension house. Well, it was not really cheap but given its location – at Fuente Circle, very near fastfood chains, accessible to the malls by Jeepney and Taxis – it was an acceptable rate. At lunchtime, we enjoyed a treat to Gerry’s Grill by a friend of a friend. Then we had a stroll at the mall, bought some groceries and slept early.

The second day (Jan 22) was a blast. We took a taxi ride to Mactan Shrine after a hearty breakfast. We took notes of historical markers, took pictures and bought capiz jewelries. Yeah, I am addicted to Capiz and Mother of Pearls. I do make my own jewelries and accessories, but the capiz – I can’t make something like that. Then, the highlight of the day, we proceeded to Imperial Palace in Mactan. We had a splash and well, since I am a water person, I really enjoyed it. They have really long and winding sliding tubes and I find them really fantastic. Plus their Madagascar River is really something, you can feel the current pushing you to the turn around that Madagascar circle. And the Lunch – well, the lunch was too much. It was very hard to decide which cuisine to focus. I had Japanese (yeah, I am so into sushi – errmm I am so into anything), and a little Chinese, some pasta and salad too. And the sweets were sinful. I suddenly hate Imperial Palace. Haha. We went back to the hotel at 6PM. We surely had a great time.

On the 3rd day (Jan 23) we went to Taoist Temple. It looked nicer than the last time I went there. But of course we can attribute that to the coming Chinese New Year. There were lots of Koreans too. There not much improvements done in the temple, but it surely was well maintained. The Taoist Temple is sitting in the priced Beverly Hills of Cebu, haven of the financially well-off people. We took a taxi to Beverly Hills – it is actually just very near Fuente Circle but you need to have a taxi waiting, or else you may need to walk down on your way back to the city. So if you love walking, you may just take a metered taxi. It would cost you 50 pesos from Fuente Circle. We took our late lunch in SM Mall and a massage at Banyan Tree in Fuente Circle.

The 4th day was our history date. We went to Basilica Church, Magellan’s Cross and to Sto Nino Museum. Then we proceeded to Fort San Pedro, toMuseo Sugb  and ended the history trip at Casa Verde for that historical baby back ribs on a 3pm lunch. Then we bought some pasalubong in Ayala and prepared for the early trip for the next day. Hurray! :)

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