Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cebu City

Finally, we are having our short vacation! I am always saying it is not on the length of your vacation -- it is how memorably you spent it. That is the argument of someone who cannot get a long vacation. Haha. But hey, in Cebu, I think 4 days is enough. I personally made our itinerary. And well, here it goes:

Day 1 - Travel Time, Lunch with friends, shopping, candlelight dinner
Day 2 - Jog at Mactan Shrine, Breakfast sa damuhan. By 9am, water spa at Imperial Palace
Day 3 - Historical trip to Magellan's cross, Spanish Forts, Old churches, Museums
Day 4 - Taoist Temple in the morning, and Crowne Plaza Skytour adventure in the evening, baby back ribs
Day 5 - Travel to Cagayan de Oro, breakfast, hug dogs, back to office

Watch out for my travel guides! ^_^ Love love love! Hello Sugbu!

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