Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mongolia to Philippines

 This chronicles my travel from Mongolia to Philippines last October 2007. I decided to take the train from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and see Beijing and Hongkong on my way back to Phils. I was traveling alone -- all by myself with all those 70 kilos luggage. I left Mongolia at -18 Celsius, 7AM. The train was on time - still came from Russia on a Trans-Siberian Route. On board were tourists, businessmen, locals --- travelers who are not in a hurry and some having no choice. Beijing is 30 hours from Ulaanbaatar. I chose a soft sleeper cabin of 4.

This is my neighborhood. This is the place i left behind with its chilly autumn days.

This is my place. This is my place no more. =)

I am blest with great friends. We ate beef rendang. My special request on my last Mongolian dinner.
Thanks to you =)

I chose a soft sleeper cabin of 4, but there were only 3 of us in the cube, so I had an extra bed to store my luggage. Lucky!

Passing under the great wall. People are so busy looking at their Lonely Planet travel guide. I wasn't. I was busy thinking how on earth will be able to haul my luggage out from the carriage all by myself - 6 hours to Peking! Argg.

There are no lone travelers. I thought i was a lone traveler. I wasn't.

This is the place I stayed in Beijing. I think I love Beijing. I particularly love this Hostel. It is cheap, clean and has affordable delectable food. This is called Far East International Youth Hostel. I think I paid only 70 yuan per night. Or maybe 40...

Around Beijing, on foot. Yes i did some little shopping trip =)

Beijing is a nice place to walk around. I'll surely be back.

Ancient Feel.

Trip to Mao's and to Beijing' University of Arts.

9 months without Mc Donalds -- the revenge. =)

Beijing: Bike, McDonalds, KFC and artistically designed houses.

Can't get enough of Mc Donalds. I need additional Rice, please.

Tianan'men Square. A huge square in Beijing.

Nathan Road. Hongkong. Shopping area in the city that never sleeps. 

I met Pinoys in the train from Beijing to Hongkong. They helped me find a place in HK. We stayed at Chung King Mansion. It is cheap and relatively clean, with TV and own bath. And WIFI too and a common ref and kitchen. But it is a crowded place. It is a perfect place because you can access the ferry, the malls, ticketing centers on foot. Plus, the double decker bus going to Airport is just right outside the building. The great thing is, the hostel is managed by Filipina. I paid 120 HKD for 2 nights. Three in a room.

God sends people in your life at the time you need them. 

Chocolates makes me crazy.


Star Cruise behind me. 

Smog in HK.

HKIA. and some last minute shopping!

Labanan ang antok! Mag starbcks!

Arrived safely in Cebu. Started the day in Kublai Khan, Ayala, Cebu.

Hello Philippines! Mabuhay! =)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Cartoon YOURSELF, Campaign your face!

Errmmm, there is this campaign against Violence on Children all over facebook. In a span of 2 days, majority of my friends changed their profile photos into animated photos. *sigh* I never thought I would feel this ignorant about cartoons! Haha! The profile pictures of my friends, ohhh I could not even recognize who they are! I can’t figure who Cinderella is and which one is Sleeping Beauty. Let me see, hmmm I know Mulan, Quasimodo, Alladin, Pocahontas, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Tom and Jerry, Dexter, Spongebob, Dora, Powerpuff girls, Princess Sara, Popeye, piglet, Pooh – I know a lot more. Yet I felt so ignorant this time not recognizing the cartoon domination over facebook. Hah. I mean, huh!

When I was young, like zero to 10 years old, TV was simply not anywhere near 50 KM radius from where I grew up. When I was 10 (I live closer to TV!), I watched Dayuhan, Mara Clara, Okidok – and then I was into movies… I mean, I watched movies too. I never had Barbie Dolls, just a teddy bear. When I was in high school, Julio and Julia were on TV then Cedie. Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer became favorites too and Little Women. I think I love classics J I’m sure I must have watched other cartoons, but these names kept staying in my memory.
I placed in my profile photo – Julio at Julia! Since 2 days ago, I kept remembering the tagalong theme song. I think I just love it. These kinds of cartoon series should frequent TV nowadays. I have Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in my collection now. I need little women too. If TV will no longer show them, I will show them to my kids. Gone are the TV shows that are value-based rather than stunts-based. Make no mistake about it, I kind of love Transformers --- ermmm, I love Transformers.

Choices, choices. I chose Julio at Julia over Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Why, why not. It is the only cartoon series which theme song I still memorize and still smile every time I hear it. It reminds me of a happy childhood – hopeful, caring, encouraging, trusting.

I knowwww. It doesn’t contribute to the reduction of violence against children in anyway directly or indirectly. The only thing it has done is make other FB Members wonder why people change their profile pictures into cartoons. And people call it a campaign! I don’t think so. People are even indiscriminate in choosing the cartoon characters. Tom and Jerry is a violent series. Bart Simpson is a “bart” (bad) influence! Who else they have in the cartoon network that is not worth showing as a campaign material for Violence Against Children? Lots of them. And people are not even making informed choices. Campaign your face!