Sunday, 14 November 2010

Authentic Mongolian Barbecue

Hiyaaa! I have been talking about Mongolian Barbecue and I have not even showed a single photo about it. So here it is. During our chace to visit Gobi, we were given "honorary" reception --- and the famous Mongolian Barbecue locally known as "Horhog" was served, and nothing else, except watermelon as desert. Needless to say I ate only watermelon. But i thought i need to say that. Haha!

So there. You can still see the stones together with the mutton. Before eating, there is this ritual that people do, they put the stones in their hands and feel the heat of the stone on one's palm. I do not understand its health value (the locals keep saying it is good for one's health and said it is a Tibetan practice), but i would always oblige to do so. But eating Horhog... it is a huge challenge on my part. Super.

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