Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Marmot Barbecue

Mongolian barbecue is actually a mutton stew (read: isang putaheng may sabaw). They call it barbecue because they barbecued the entire pressure cooker! The traditional Mongolian barbecue is actually ermmmm – well, at least for me it is not edible. First the sheep is butchered, and no, it is not going to be washed properly, Mongolia is way too cold to do that --- then you have to scrap the skin, stash it somewhere, chop the whole poor sheep into huge cuts, and throw them all into a huge pressure cooker in a shape of a feeding bottle. Plus, stash a basket of un-peeled still soiled carrots and potatoes, throw in the firey stones too. Some salt, no, just little salt! Then barbecue the entire pressure cooker in a mountain of horse/cow's dung. Oh by the way, they put some water too. When the camp fire is on, singing is the next big thing. I mean, THROAT SINGING!

The MARMOT barbecue is way cool. But for starters, yes I ATE BOTH MENU! Darn! I got too hungry in Gobi, sorry. The marmot, being a popular carrier of Bubonic Plague, is “carefully” hunted. Yes it is not for hunting anymore. The Mongolian parliament has passed into law the prohibition of hunting Marmot. The Marmot’s fur can make a beautiful muffler or shawl.. and they say it is really warm?

Anyway, when I was in Gobi desert, we had a little excursion. The team went adventurous, well, except me! Someone went hunting --- i knowwww they should be imprisoned! Haha. And so, they got a marmot. What is that rodent doing in the Gobi??? You thought the rats would feast on human bodies – at that time, it was the other way around! We were feasting on that poor RAT.

That bloody hunter (who i think should have been living in prison by now) looked so prepared and got a blue torch and cow's dung handy. It looked so simple to cook the poor rodent. Scrape the skin, chop the body into pieces, burn stones in a pile of horse’s dung, when the stone got firey enough, stash them back into the marmot skin – both the stones and the meat, one after the other. Once everything was inside, put some salt, tie the skin – makes it look like an inflated monstrous RAT. When all was set, he blue torched the RAT until it looked oily enough on the outside. Then he washed the entire thing, sliced the miniature lechon rat in tiny pieces. FOOD WAS READY!
Here is a Step-by-Step Process:

1. Slice the throat part. Remove the bullet!

2. Scrap out the skin. Set Aside. Remove the heart and internal entrails. Eat the heart "fresh". If you don't eat it, i will! That's the attitude. If you don't behave like that, the locals will make you eat it. Boooo!

3. Set the horse/cow's dung on fire. Put stones in it. Put some more dung. And some more.

4. Slice the meat in small cuts. Set aside. Do not throw away anything. Every cut is priceless. Hihi.

5. Get the scrapped skin. Pour in the cutlets and the firey stones. Tie it securely. Put it down.

6. Get the blue torch. Blow the poor thing. Notice the fur will be wiped out. The thing becomes a lechon-lookalike.

7. Here it is! Well Done!

8. Wash it up to make it look decent. Get the knife!

9. Slice the subject carefully. Remove the stones and the cutlets. Cut also the skin - it is called food too.
Have fun! :-)

I told you, the place is a vacuum.

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