Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Judge Bao and My Ancient China Connection :-)

Where is Judge Bao? I've been looking for Judge Bao episodes online. I found nothing. Maybe my effort were not yet at its best, but isn't everything on youtube and google? I thought so. Then lately, i found this wikipedia article about Bao Zheng, a magistrate during the Song dynasty of Ancient China. He must be the Judge Bao I am looking for. Hmmm.
What i love about this old Judge is not much about the Judge and the Justice System he implements. It is more about my fascination of Ancient China. I admit, during my high school, i did not pay attention to discussions on Ancient Civilization; i never even paid attention on Chinggis Khaan and many others. But not regrets! Today is still the best time to learn about these - because now, i can travel and see for myself the written accounts of history. I do not have to just sit and listen to teachers who haven’t even gone to these places themselves.
Judge Bao - I started watching Judge Bao on TV5 (yes, Kapatid Network now). Me and my husband are waiting for this teleserye in ABSCBN (the one with Angelica and Claudine), but we have to evade the other teleseryes aired prior to the awaited slot. In so doing, we have to browse other channels. And presto, we found Judge Bao. Then we got hooked. Then, when TV5 introduced their new format, there was no announcement what would happen to Judge Bao. Until now it remained a question to me.
"Ilabas and pamugot!", "Simulan na!", "Hindi ka na nagsisi sa ginawa mo!" Those are the lines I have committed to memory. Haha. I know it sounded corny. But only very few teleserye that talks about good governance, and honesty and defying royalties just to promote a better justice system. I know it is almost a myth - i say almost because i still want to believe that some people and places still promote better justice system.
According to wikipedia - Judge Bao is said to have come from the Province of Anhui (i will still have to check!). Anhui is the capital of ancient china during the reign of Song Dynasty (wiki wiki, totoo ba? ^_^). It is said to be located at the basin of Yangtze River. I am thinking of going there - me and my hubby for a historical field trip. Hehe. I never knew history can be a relaxing exercise and way better than tourism and politics. Until recently. My husband has become a significant influence in my present sense of history. Haha. Yeah, for example, i never even know about Austwitchz (??) and i thought Hitler was German. Boooo. So yeah, you are correct to assume i did not really listen to my high school social science, history and geography. I was then interested in writing letters, making greeting cards, caring for my garden, caring for my dog, winning backyard games. No time for history. I thought knowing Rizal meant knowing history, haha of course I’m exaggerating.
So there, i wish Judge Bao will be back. And even if he won’t, I’ll come to his place J

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