Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I love posting from MS Word

Despite the increasing task piling up everyday, I feel good about something. I feel good about being able to blog using MS Word, and click – Publish! Voila!
 I knowwwwww. I am just so overrated, they call me a techie and I'm really not! J Ohwell. People at the office call someone a techie if they know how to make graphs in excel. I did not say that is something stupid. Haha. Your guess is as good as mine. But this thing, I love this. I can blah blah anytime. And I do not have to postpone my sudden urge to blog. This is just perfect for me. Yey!
What went well for me today? MMM. I did a mountain of task. I timed them all, per minute per hour. Like I am a mafia lawyer detailing my billable hours so the big boss can pay. Haha. Is it "The Firm"? Yes I am making it a habit to write down my tasks and the hours I put into it. I call them level of efforts. I sound like a pro ha. Haha. I could say I have been good today. Like a saint! J And I thought I have a tough week. It is just a Wednesday. On Friday, it is going to be bummer, bummer bummer!
I keep saying, bring it on!

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