Sunday, 5 September 2010

Movers! @_@

Huweeeee! Ate Amie and her Tres Marias are officially out of Cagayan de Oro on Saturday. We spend the whole of Friday evening still saturday early morn packing! I so got involved. Hahaha. Guess what, i will be moving to their house very soon. ;-) charannn!

So there, after all the kalat, i started keeping things in order. It was a huge, energy draining job to do because Ate Amie is well, very particular in her things, books, notes and many others. She especially made these instructions about her journals. =) I have gladly obliged. I am planning to catalogue her books and classify them. And maybe i would then find a less demanding job (me and my husband, haha) so that we will be able to read all her books. But i will start with her Eat, Pray, Love. Which will be in the movies very soon. 

We painted Ate Amie's room, which will soon become ours. =) Im so excited to move. I still have lots of things in mind to do. Hopefully I will be able to do all of them before we move. Yey! More Updates later!