Friday, 27 August 2010


Oh yeah, I'm awake. I had to do vigil for a 2 pager write-up. Booooo. I couldn't put it. I must be serious with this job! :D :D :D

Hmmm, how am i doing? I could say, i could not place things. It seems that time goes by so quickly... or is it just me? Well, we are hopeful to be moving into another house very soon --- as renters, still! =) The good thing is, we will have a spare room for someone who can cook law-oy for me and my hubby, vacuum the floor, and maybe do our laundry? Who would that perfect help be? *prayin*

Our dogs have been so making us feel wonderful lately. I wonder how could dogs make people so important to them. I just feel.. wow, just the wow thing.

And oh, I did some gardening. We have this beautiful rose plant in our so called garden and it always has something blooming to offer, almost every day! Fantastic. So i cut it and tried to plan it in some flower pots. Perfect. I can still have blooming roses when we move to another place. And you woudnt believe it [but pls do], i bought some plants from Salo Tabo, the Province's Agro Tourism Fair. I had kalamansi, american lime, gotocola and chili. =)

I am excited!