Saturday, 26 June 2010

Best Actors of all time

Mmm. Actually I promised not to make this blog a showbiz blog. But since I have this “natural inclinations” to let’s say… arts and entertainment… Let me have this moment to acknowledge a few of those I love (read: “found cute”) in that business.

For starters, nobody beats Denzel Washington. I know, there’s Roger Moore and Sean Connery who should take his place, but Denzel is my choice. I have this huge fondness on his acting. He is so natural. He is so much of a “bida” guy that he won’t pass being a villain. He has this strong effect on me. I am not a movie buff or anything similar to that, but when I see trailers of his movies, I automatically commit to memory the release date of his movie, and lo, before I knew it, I am watching it on big screen! Yep. I google him about his movies. I bought a whole lot of DVD collections of his previous movies. I read his personal data. Oh no, make no mistake about it, sure he has movies that flopped, sure he acted bad in some – but compared to all other actors, this guy is a GOLD MINE.

Who’s next. Yeah, you got it right, the name is Eugene Allen Hackman, Gene Hackman.. yeah, yeah, right. My most wanted villain. =) He makes perfect bida and contrabida. I see him very effective in all his roles – is it the role or is it his brilliance to fit himself into the role(???). It’s like, I do not see one character in all his movies – I only see Gene Hackman. From Sam Cayhall to Avery Tolar (sorry I am a Grisham fan) to Admiral Ramsey (is that correct? In crimson tide?) then to Brill. It makes me believe that it’s not much about the roles given to him. It is what he does on those roles. It’s how he contain himself into the role that makes me see a Gene Hackman. Practically in all his movies, yes. Then he got himself interviewed that he has no movies coming up anymore, that his acting career has already ended. It was the saddest day in Hollywood – he is 90 years old. Well, for me, yes. It is rightful to mourn the loss of one genius in the industry that is full of well, let’s say… morons. I know… it’s harsh. Have I maintained there should be no ranting in this blog? No rants please. Let me rephrase moron to “below-average”. Ok, there.

Who’s next? Nah. NOBODY even comes close. Everybody paled in comparison to the names above. But well, I love Robin Williams. And there’s Samuel Jackson. And still many others in my A-list of actors. But Denzel and Gene, they are my “yardstick” in Hollywood acting. Crimson Tide – that is my perfect movie of choice. My best actors are there. =)

Friday, 25 June 2010

Day Off

Cool. It's way too cool to have a day-off. I spent half the day planning how to spend my day off. Ahh. It's way cool. =)

So what's up for today? Bath the dogs, clean the house, cook vegies for lunch (ok wait for pictures...), write some articles on my trip to China in 2007 (yeah, i do procrastinate), my Mongolia life in 2007, my dogs... i mean, there is so many things to write about.

Then there is my thing under the bed! I can't wait for next week, i am excited to have my strands of pearls from Palawan. Thanks Ate Connie! Weird because when i think of making beaded jewelry designs, i have to think of someone in order to visualize how would the jewelry look on that person.

I promised myself that before the sun sets today, i will walk the dogs around the subdivision. They missed me and they need that. Ahh, day-off... why are you so short??? :D

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Happy Birthday Lolo and Lola

Today, June 24, 2010 is my paternal grandpa and grandma's birthday. When we were still toddlers (did i even experience toddler-hood?), my older cousins would serenade my Lolo and Lola. They are such a sweet couple i haven't seen any couple their age equally sweet to each other. Since I've been raised to honor my olds, here's to a happy birthday to the two pillars of our family:

Juan Obejeros Lapitan

Natividad Olivar Suizo

happy partying in heaven!

Updates! Updates!

I've been writing everyday - I work at least 9 hours per day. Six hours of that is devoted to writing -- mostly answering emails, drafting letters, memos, revising this and that, proofreading this. The rest of my time is for lunch, answering phone calls, balance cash flow and a helluva lot of chitchats whether over the phone (that is, my cellphone) or with people close by. I love it. =) Apart from the fact that I am missing my blog, my dogs, and my T&B needs a little scrubbing, everything seems perfect. :D
But of course I need not mention that i have not been cooking breakfast lately, and we are spending a lot on cabs [read: i wake up late!]. Of course that should not be part of this blog. I don't want you to judge me ^_^ I mean... it's perfect when i wake up late! Ha!

And it's weird, Im a trying hard Sudoku Player. Yay. I know what you think. Yeah it's not my cup of tea. I find it difficult. But please, I've answered a few correctly. Ha!

Another thing that is, well, its not really something unusual because I've been doing this back in college, but lets just say "queer": i am reading tagalog pocketbooks. Nooo its not just another author, it's Martha Cecilia. And it's not just some novels, it's a series called KRISTINE. I haven't completed that in college -- you know, Paso de Blas, Alta Tierra, Kristine Hotel, Haciendas... blah blah.

Boston Legal also makes me laugh. Bwahaha. It's bad when we watch it during weekdays - makes me oversleep. Ugh. I get upset when I lack sleep, so that explains my oversleeping. :D

Im gathering my resolve --- to blog more often so i won't lose the humor of something. But lets just say, I am blogging in moderation. Mood-lifter at all times. No rantings, no whinings, no negatives. Stay pasitib! Wag kang aayaw! :D

You'll never find in my blog about something strongly political (this is actually very difficult not to blog about, if you know me). No showbiz please, there are a lot of people who are doing that already. This blog is not for moneymaking or for showing off that i could actually type HTML. This blog is for the people i love so i could be their sunny side up :D

Lalala... i have to keep cleaning the house. It's been months since i've done this. =)