Monday, 8 March 2010

Daddy's Girl

Im not gonna say something about why i was not able to write or what are those matters that deterred  blogging. I've come to a conclusion that I am really not a born writer. Writing for me, lately, does not come naturally. It is a continuous struggle of self-restrain and determination. So far, i have succeeded in minimizing my micro-blogging. Yay! Such a huge achievement for me to say no to farmtown, yoville, mafia wars, fashion wars - yo! It's been half a year already. Love et! Love et!

My post intended for my birthday? Yeah, it is lying unfinished in my recent documents. Don't ask why. I'd say, why not? =) I knoowww. I'm just being lazy. And the brown outs make me succumb to urgency addiction. So there.

By the way, here is the book I've just finished reading:

It is about a Law Professor who taught History of Justice in University of Penn. It's actually a common plot. She swooned over an invitation of some long hair guy to teach a clinic class in a prison - so there she went. And then a prison riot broke. A prison CO got killed as well as an inmate. The Professor run for help after she almost got molested by a tattooed prisoner - and she ended up on the wrong side and bumped into 2 dead bodies. And the story boringly riveted in that twist. Until it reached towards the end where she was able to read the document (actually, evidence), compiled and written by the CO who ended up dead. I find it a cute twist actually - the girl dumped his million-dollar boyfriend in favor of the long-hair guy. Later, she had the guy arrested for conspiracy - aiding and abetting a criminal. Bad Karma huh.

Daddy's Girl is actually a story about a Daddy's girl. Nothing else. But make no mistake about it, I am still looking forward to reading Scottoline. It's cheap, it is entertaining (sometimes, i admit) and it is available at NBS. Hahaha.

Now i can get back to work. Please, no more Scottoline in the next 3 weeks. =)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lazy or Busy?

No way, I don't like this. I am not blogging because of the nagging apprehension that i might be disappointed because i was not able to finish one post for reasons of: (1) it is time to go home; (2) i need to work on something "urgent"; (3) someone came/called; (4) i ran out of plug-it load (the worst).

I do not like this. I mean, who does. I'm not even able to finish Lisa Scottoline legal thriller in a month's time! Record breaking. Gone are the days when i finish 1 paperback in 4 hours. Nah. Sorry.

I have a post - actually, it was supposed to be posted on my birthday (Feb 24th). It's entitled 31st things, then changed to 31 excitements. Let's see when will i be able to finish that. I've succumbed to a rather busy busy life nowadays. My dogs have missed me. Oh, no way i'm so irresponsible. They say, a busy person has time for everything. Hmmm this busy busy thing is gonna stop.

I'm gonna write. I'm resolved to that. I need to write or perish (in the busy busy world).