Monday, 15 February 2010

Toshiba Satellite Pro U-500

No, this blog is not about laptops. I just thought that my blogging attitude would be influenced by some wonderful keyboards or even a wonderful laptop. At this point, I am still not sure. But nevertheless, I am blogging. Yeah right, I am using a satellite pro right now, and Vista. We use Vista at home in our desktop - Vista doesn’t really make work easy for me. [If you ask me what makes my work easier, here is my answer: I need someone to refill my cup of coffee]. Having Vista on this laptop does not make me envy this one. The keyboard is well, ok its function. I am beginning to hate why the INS button is placed in between END and DEL. And the keyboard, crack, crack, crack! I thought I’d like this one (which I mentioned in my previous blog, I admit, I was quick to give a word on this), but now, I shamefully admit that I am wrong, was wrong to like this. Of course I use my good ol’ ACER ASPIRE as my yardstick. So, Toshiba satellite pro, you are officially out in the list. :p

Thursday, 11 February 2010

This is the day!

Yay! Here I go again! In my good ol’ acer aspire! Aha! At full time na to. =) I’ve finished moving up my files, deleting files, reorganizing folders (made it look like I was a good employee or something haha), trying to finish some of my undone deliverables (arrgg). I’ve been having a hard time juggling things. Plus, I promised to sleep early each day, for health reasons. No I am not sick, I just want to take care of my body a little more responsibly (emote  J ).

I need to call it a day, I have to sleep. Looking forward to a sunny side up moment tomorrow plus a real sunny side up. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.

Happy February 11, Babe!

Thank You, World Vision

Charannn! This is my last day of Toshiba Protege-ing! Mark my word. Tomorrow, im handing over this laptop. Yay! Im copying files and copying files today. Bwahaha. =) Not that im being ungrateful, but this laptop makes me type really bad. Honest.

Thank you World Vision . Thank you friends. Thank you for playing my music, thank you for singing my song, thank you for keeping me company; and if our paths should cross somewhere somewhen -- pa burger naman! ^_^ ahihi.

Today i am reminiscing only the good things, counting one by one the merriest, funniest, momentous -- I would like to note a few of the many:
  • I met Doctor Yvonne. She is to me a significant personality. She remembers many details about you. Even the  things you do not want to talk about. And she connects everything, from a casual discussion to a technical (medical) matter -- to Someone Up There. She is high-spirited. She is funny. And she is beautiful. She stands out in a crowd. She loves to talk. And she is very OC. I love her and i am determined to keep her in my list -- to constantly thank the Lord for.
  • I met Ava. While i love to call her Ava Angelita AKA Avaruray, she is Ava to everyone. I don't know why I love people who are OC! Hahaha. Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who my friends are! I find her attention to details very amusing -- from her liquidations to her regular tasks, she is very detailed. Her intellectual capacity is not average -- maybe not even above-average. I do have only very few "friends", and she is one of the very very few who can think critically - on the two sides of a coin. She is a rare find.
  • I look forward to the daily devotional and intercessions. Im going to miss those. I am determined to continue that practice, in my own ways.
  • Watch out for the many others in my next blogs. ^_^
Until then!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Blogging and Toshiba Protege M800

I knowwww it's been a while. I really hate toshiba protege. I want to go back to my beloved, most loyal Acer Aspire =) Maybe i can blog some more when i reunite with my good ol' dusty buddy. Plus i have all my pictures there, and my moments logbook. And the biggest PLUS, i can browse facebook in there. Love et!. I so want to say goodbye to this protege (M800)... make no mistake about it, i love toshiba -- but this one, this is a mistake. If i would recommend something for toshiba, I would say, this thing has to phase out. The keyboard is weird, and has a lot of problems - it does not detect LCD projector at times and it gives me headache after a hibernation!

Yeah, go away, Toshiba Protege. I love and missed my Toshiba Dynabook. I lusted my sister's Toshiba Satellite Pro. I drooled over that Toshiba Laptop issued in my project back in 2003. I trusted Toshiba, but not Protege M800. This is a pain in the ass laptop.