Monday, 25 January 2010

Micro Blogger

I realized that i am more like a micro blogger than a real blogger. When i start writing, i feel sleepy. I have many things to blog about. I thought about blogging about food because there is this high school classmate of mine who maintains a pretty good blog about food. But no, I can't even cook the way they do. =( I also thought about blogging places i have seen --- but i have not been travelling lately. When i do, i live in a hotel usually working on my presentation or trying to finish up a report that was due last week.

Well, it is maybe because my (official) laptop is not a nice one. Typing in it is against my will, from the very beginning. Now look at me, I am whining and ranting again. I'm trying to do something to change this. Yes, I'm going to blog more often now. About life, about my pets and maybe my rantings about traffic and maybe plants (flowers, basically).

Sometimes i like to blog but I kept myself from doing it. I do not want people to see me and the way i feel. And yeah, micro blogging prevents me from writing in this blog.

I visited my blog today because I thought i would have more reasons to blog now. Justine Henin is back, Maria Sharapova has better shoulders, Rafa wears louder clothes - plus i have two loving pets I would love to show-off , among other things. *_*