Sunday, 9 August 2009

My Culture, My Treasure, My Home

Ahemm.. here we go. I was born in the Orchid City of the Philippines - Dipolog City. I grow up near Dipolog River, which explains why i learned to swim at the age of 2. Back then, that river was still blue-ish and still provided the people lots of fish. When i came back to that same place in November 2008, my beloved river looked so rusty and muddy. Argg.
I lived in Dipolog for 14 years... then my family relocated in an equally beautiful place called Pagadian City, my Dad's hometown. *_*

Pagadian City is known for its weird motorela. I find it creative. It was in that place that i had so much of fish cuisine, and it was in that place when i realized i have relatives - i have people to be called "my cousins". I missed that in Dipolog. There was this girl who shared the same middle name with my maternal grandfather - I asked her to be my cousin and she said yes. My teacher commented, i do not think you are cousins, even if you share the same family names, you do not necessarily have to be cousins. Ouch. I grew up saying, Pagadian is better, because i have all my cousins. And yeah, its true. Its a lot more fun!

Ok, so much for that. :p i have to sleep now. I will write some more when i wake up *_*

This side is up ;-)


My name is Omega. I have been wanting to blog for sometime. Five years ago, i started in multiply. But i only had my site as a storage of my photos, which sounded good to me because my family could view my photos without having to sign up an account, unlike friendster and facebook. Or it was just me ignorant of other sites which could also store my photos - flicker and others. I tried to blog in friendster - - then stopped. I don't know why.

I've always wanted to be a writer. In my elementary years, i won a few articles in a city-wide contest. Then i started writing plays and short stories in high school. But before my heroines reached their climax, i stopped writing and tried another interest like swimming, playing and all. I feel that im a bit competetive. I want to try what other people do. Then, when i know how to do it, i stop. Its just me curios, maybe. Many people are like that, right?

So, welcome to my blog. :-) This is actually my 4th blogger account. I dont know how long will this account last. Well, I hope long enough *_*